About Us

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About Us

Taiwan is well known for Braised Beef Noodles (And Now a MUST-TRY signatory dish when visiting Taiwan). Hence, we have flown to Taipei Sheraton Hotel in the early 2000s and that’s where we brought back the secret recipe of authentic Taiwanese Braised Beef Noodles.

Since 2002, Lai Lai has been specialising in Taiwanese cuisine.  Our broth’s secret ingredient is still imported from Taiwan and our Springy Noodle is manufactured exclusively for us! To bring out the best in our Braised Beef Noodles, have it with Lai Lai’s freshly made Taiwanese Chili!

A little something more to make you completely fall in love with us, Lai Lai is one of the first few brands to introduce Taiwanese Bubble Tea to Singapore!

We are dedicated to bringing you:
A Taste of The Original Taiwan


紅燒牛肉麵是台湾举世聞名的一道美食。(現在已經是到台湾旅游必須品嘗的美食!) 於是, 在 2000年代初期,我们特地飛到台北市喜來登大酒店, 學習製作正宗台灣紅燒牛肉麵秘訣, 也连同其他台灣道地美食帶回新加坡。

2002年, 來來便在新加坡開始售賣台灣紅燒牛肉麵。我們湯汁里的秘方主材, 如今還是從台灣直接空運到新加坡配制的。富有彈性的台灣麵條, 也仍然是專為我們生產的。

还有, 要帶出我們紅燒牛肉麵的美味,必須搭配我們新鮮调配的台灣辣椒酱! 再讓你愛上來來, 是我們自制珍珠奶茶。來來其實是早期將台灣珍珠奶茶引入新加坡的品牌之一!